Welcome to The Salvation Army Mississauga’s Christmas Kettle Campaign!

Our 2021 fundraising goal of $150,000.00 will help fund our Community and Family programs and services. Thank you to everyone for your generosity and support!

This campaign is only possible with the help of our Christmas Kettle Bell Ringers, who are our donation ambassadors at numerous business outlets and public venues in Mississauga.

By volunteering as a Christmas Kettle Bell Ringer, you are making a difference in your community.
The Salvation Army Mississauga will officially be launching our red kettles and ringing the bells on Friday, November 12, 2021, at various locations in Mississauga.

“There is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need.” Evangeline Booth, 1919

More location announcements will be posted soon. There will be 12 locations throughout Mississauga Central-East available this year.

Contact details below.

Welcome Volunteers & Group Leaders!

We’re so excited you’ve decided to volunteer on behalf of The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.
Calling all organizations, churches, schools, businesses, friends, families, etc.! Group bell ringing opportunities are available in your community.

The Salvation Army will hold a safe, secure and distanced Kettle Campaign due to COVID-19.  

The following procedures will be followed by our volunteers:

1)      Wearing a disposable mask provided by The Salvation Army or your own personal reusable mask

2)      Intermittent sanitization of the kettle with disinfectant wipes provided by The Salvation Army

3)      There will be no handouts of any kind.

To get you started, watch the Instruction Video and then select one of the two buttons below.

Instruction Video

I'm Ringing As An Individual

Volunteer Responsibilities:

● Lightly ring a Christmas bell to attract the public to the donation kettle
● Engage the public with friendly (seasonal) greetings, so as to encourage monetary donations
● Thank those in particular who pause to donate (by placing contributions in the kettle)
● Respond to general inquiries about local Salvation Army services
● Be there to help refer those in need to our locations and contact information
● Co-operate with the businesses, malls, community centres, etc. that provide the locations
Thank you for partnering with us this Christmas season – we appreciate your ongoing support!

Elena Pugh

Fundraising and Promotions Coordinator

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services

Phone: (905) 279-7525 ext. 229
Address: 3167 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga, ON, L5A 2X4