During the last two weeks of April 2024, we will also be hosting our virtual Silent Auction (Look for details in our April Newsletter) Details

Register online at our Walk for Hope fundraising page. 


No need to wait until May to start collecting donations! Once you have registered to participate, ask, text or email your friends, family & co-workers to sponsor you by making a pledge donation online. All eligible donors will be issued an income tax receipt via email.


Join an existing team or create your own and invite your friends and family to join. Anyone can join your team!

Our target fundraising goal for this event is $25,000. The money raised will go towards providing our food bank recipients with fresh produce, meat and dairy products, as well as hygiene products. Additionally, the money will fund our current and upcoming valuable programs to help a neighbour in the community.

  1. Your pledge donations will be used to reduce poverty in your neighbourhood.
  2. Your pledge donations are tax deductible.
  3. All participants will be entered into a draw to win really cool prizes.
  4. Employees of The Salvation Army who are part of a work team are not eligible to win prizes.


Anywhere you like! You can walk, stroll, jog, run around your neighborhood, on your favorite beach or on trails in your town/ get to pick! 

You can even use a treadmill, skateboard, bike, do yoga, go swimming… your imagination is the limit!

Every dollar you raise during the Walk for Hope goes right back into the community. Your participation is a reflection of your commitment to helping those in need. It is your chance to spread the message of hope to those around you. Whether you decide to participate alone, with a friend or as a team, you will be raising funds to help reduce poverty and isolation in Mississauga.

Thank you for your support. Happy walking!