Mississauga Temple Community Church for a guided spiritual retreat with Father Albert Haase.

ZOOM link will be sent shortly before the weekend

You are invited to join our church family as we spend a weekend asking the same question that Christ’s first disciples asked; “Lord, teach us how to pray”.  All are welcome to join.

Our retreat will run from Friday through Sunday, and will include two personalized messages from Father Albert to us, along with 12 video sessions that he co-hosted dealing with the Lord’s Prayer.  The introductory video on this page will give you an idea of the content and shape of the sessions.

Alas, it will not be possible for us to meet in person, and so we will be gathering using technology.  We will do all we can to create as intimate a setting as possible, even while online.

With the content being digital, anyone can watch the videos at any time, however we encourage you to journey in real time, in community with us, as we listen to Father Albert and interact with one another.

There are some minimal costs that we will need to pay, and so we are charging $15 per person ($30 maximum/family).  Any surplus funds after the weekend has concluded will go to our partners in mission fund which supports The Salvation Army’s work in 3rd world countries.

We believe that learning how to pray – living a life of prayer will transform the church,  our church, and us as we mature as followers of Jesus.


Friday 7:00 PM
Welcome & Keynote with Father Albert
Sessions 1 – 3

Saturday 9:00
WorshipSessions 4 – 6
(ZOOM free break – enjoy a quiet coffee)

Sessions 7 – 9
Lunch Break

Lectio Divina

Sessions 10-12



Sunday: 10:30 AM
Worship Service, with Father Albert